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As a Los Angeles business owner involved in litigation in the Inland Empire alleging breach of contract and business torts, I was glad to find a highly competent, aggressive and efficient local attorney. Scott promptly put an end to the case on favorable terms. I’ve worked with attorneys before, but Scott is my favorite due to his diligence and interest in the law. Kudos.”

Scott C. of 818 Aviation, Inc.
Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California

“As a Riverside business owner, I am regularly required to address numerous legal challenges outside of my professional training. Scott has repeatedly under-promised and over-delivered in litigation and out-of-court settlements relating to commercial real estate disputes, debt collection, breaches of contract and more. Scott has not only prevailed on my behalf against much more experienced attorneys, but has repeatedly collected his fees from the opposing parties. Scott’s track record of success since his days as a young attorney has earned him the status of being the first person I call when legal issues arise.”

Dr. Elissa Gropen, M.D. of Elissa Gropen Dermatology, Inc.
Riverside, California

“”My business has repeatedly expanded under Scott’s guidance. In litigation, Scott is a persistent, zealous advocate, has repeatedly prevailed for my business, and has even recovered significant attorney’s fees from the other side. He is also the first to identify and counsel against litigation that makes no business sense. This is why I have repeatedly turned to him since he was a young attorney to be my trusted business advisor.”

Brian Hews of Hews Media
Cerritos, Los Angeles County, California

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